Walk About

Welcome to my blog earth pilgrim.org. I invite you to come with me as I venture south along the Camino Real de California, “on foot and on faith,” as Peace Pilgrim defined any pilgrimage worthy of the name.

I have felt called to go on this walk-about ever since I learned, last summer, that I would soon have to leave my rented house in Pacific Grove, California. Suddenly I knew that I had to take a time out.  I had just seen with my own eyes the millions of dying pine trees in the Sierra Mountains and just couldn’t do “business as usual” any longer. I hadn’t even heard about the death of the pine trees. My life in idyllic Pacific Grove, and on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula, was so sheltered, so protected from the outside world, that I didn’t even know of the devastation in the mountains just a few short hours away.

Since then, a lot more has happened in the world, and continues to happen. I am mostly oblivious to it all though I do listen to the news (now more than ever). The thing is that I seem to get a better understanding of things from seeing them for myself, rather than simply hearing about them, or even seeing photos or videos.

This pilgrimage is my attempt to see a bit more of the world and to have time to think about it. To see things I wouldn’t otherwise see, and to meet people I wouldn’t otherwise meet.

I happen to love this planet of ours. It think she is beautiful! I also love people, animals, and all forms of life. We depend on each other, and we depend on the health of our mother, Earth. We might survive as a species if other species go extinct, or our air and water become more and more contaminated, but will we thrive? Would we survive if bees go extinct?  What will it take for us to live as if we are connected to the web of life and to each other, no matter what our race, religion, sexual orientation or political affiliation?

By living according to my values– by walking rather than driving or flying (activities that put a lot of carbon into the atmosphere), by loving all people and all forms of life on Earth, including the Earth, and by eating a plant-based diet, I hope to “be the change I wish to see in the world.” Perhaps in doing so, I will achieve a better understanding of my most useful role in this amazing, sometimes confusing experience we call life.

Thanks for coming along.