Hi everyone,

think I have gotten my blog up and running, by myself! I’m learning as I go, so please bear with me.

We’re having some rain this week, and more is predicted for Sunday and Monday, at this point. From Tuesday, March 28, 2017, it looks sunny and clear, so that’s when I plan to begin my journey. As of today. 🙂

Here’s the plan: I’ll set out from the Carmel Mission Basilica with my back pack and gear, and walk to Veterans Park in Monterey. This is a short and easy five or six mile walk, with plenty of good groceries in between at Whole Foods Market in Monterey. This will be my first camp out, and a trial in case I am missing something important (like a warm enough sleeping bag.) The next day will be a walk to the Laguna Seca Campground in Salinas. I should know by the end of this day if the gear is adequate. If not, I’m not far from REI, and my friend Elysha, who has already loaned me some super cool stuff.

If all is well, I’ll proceed to my friend Michelle’s house near Spreckles, and then south on River Road to Gonzales, etc.

I have had so much help in getting ready for this journey, and so much love from my friends and family! I am truly blessed. Your support, encouragement, gifts and in some cases acceptance have all made me know that this trek is indeed the next right thing for me to do. I thank you from the depths of my heart. Peace and love to you.