I am here in my tent at Laguna Seca Campground in Salinas after two days of walking. There is a light rain falling, and I’m very grateful for my ultra light, REI Big Dome tent, complete with rain fly. It’s just after six a.m and I’ve been awake for a couple of hours already. I’ve done my meditation, and been on a telephone meeting of the twelve step meeting of which I am a long time member. (Ask me about it if you’re interested.) My motion charger is working! (Thank you Dea!)

The last two days have been full of “coincidences” and serendipitous meetings that make it crystal clear to me that I am on the right path. I have come across dear friends, old and relatively new, on my walk, by “chance.” Just after leaving the Carmel Mission, where about ten good friends gathered to see me off (which was so kind and affirming!!)

I “happened” upon my old friend Saundra Barthel from my daughters grade school days who has also been uprooted from her home of late. She was very grateful to see me and to see what I am doing. We were both amazed by our chance encounter.

At Veterans Park in Monterey I arrived to find an old acquaintance, Doug Gooden, who was nothing but welcoming, generous and hospitable. He brought me a gift of fresh kale from the Downtown Farmer’s Market, which I cooked the next morning with my oat groats. ? The campground host, John, is also an old acquaintance and he welcomed me warmly. Friends visited to help me determine what, if anything I could dispense of, as my pack was too heavy.

The second day brought more blessings. Tim, the other camp host, made a special visit to the park just to greet me. (Thanks to Gina for notifying him of my presence there.) As I was walking down Jefferson Street from Veterans Park I saw my friend Jem on his roof, installing sky lights. His wife Beth just happened to be home, uncharacteristically. We got to say our farewells. I came across a dermatologist’s office and was able to be seen by the doctor; an errand I had not yet accomplished. Sure enough, I have some pre-cancerous spots on my face that need attention, and I got some heavy duty sun screen. I am way more conscious now of the need to use sun screen and to wear my hat at all times.

Lunch was spent with my dear friend Charmaine at her beautiful home in Monterey; I cooked the rest of the kale and ate the delicious sprouted crackers that Catherine and Jim Bell gave me. We enjoyed a soak in her hot tub, and good conversation. I took a nap in the sun, shielding my face from the sun, of course.

Walking along Monhollan Road, I called another dear old friend from our daughters early years, Mari, who lives near that road. She came to walk with me a while; it was getting late and I needed to keep walking lest I get to Laguna Seca campground after dark. She was glad to see me as I left town for who knows how long.

Walking along S Boundary Road towards Laguna Seca I met yet another friend from my contra dance community, David Canwright, with his dog Milo. He recognized me first and shouted out: “Is that the Earth Pilgrim?” I could hardly believe I was “happening ” across another friend in this remote spot.

The sun has now risen, the rain has stopped, and the wind is helping my tent to dry. Soon I will get up and out to make myself some hot tea, thanks to my amazing MSR pocket rocket stove, compliments of Elysha Iversen.

Today will be a relatively easy walk to my friend Michelle Barth’s house in Creekside Court, where I will, gratefully, spend the night. How blessed am I to have so many good friends and acquaintances! Truly.

As I venture out into the world today, I wonder who I will meet this day by “chance.” I want to stay alert and aware to whose life I can touch, and be touched by. A Course in Miracles says: “Every encounter has the potential of being a holy encounter.” By staying present in the moment, and prayerful, this day’s encounters have the potential of being holy. ? May yours, and mine, be holy this day.  ? ♥️ ?



20 thoughts on “Day Three

  1. Oh Jody–you make my heart sing with all your joyful responses to your journey….blessings as you travel today. xo Bella

  2. I’m so excited to hear of your bold and courageous adventure. Wishing you all the best on your journey. I look forward to following your insights and experiences along the way.
    Safe travels,

  3. So amazing, this birth of your journey. I will be thinking of you often Jody and will send you thoughts of love and peace along your path. Truly courageous and yet, so natural, to embark upon this great walk of love & peace. May you find friends and open doors, warm embraces, and kind faces. All the Best, Debbie

    1. I was thinking of you yesterday as I walked along Skyline Road in the Fort Ord National Monument, with views of San Benancio Canyon. So beautiful!

  4. Wow, what an amazing start to your journey! Can’t wait for the next adventures!

    1. It is an amazing start! I truly feel encouraged and supported. I expect more blessings each day.

  5. Thank you for sharing all your encounters with people on your pilgrim way. I really enjoyed hearing about your gear too and seeing your amazing tent: I doubt I could even put it up by myself. You are a happy camper!

    1. Yes, I am! And tired, too. Beautiful day today hiking through the Fort Ord National Monument.

  6. It brings a smile to my face reading of these beginning days, and all your “coincidences”. ? I am so thankful for you and your courage.
    I depart today for Indiana. You are in my thoughts each day. ??

  7. We were sending you energy and blessings in yoga this morning – you have so many people with you in spirit!

  8. I have been sending you my best thoughts throughout the day, every day. I admire your trust in… and your courage. I will try to go to my computer every day to read your shares.

  9. I feel fortunate that our paths intersected like that. It was a joy to see you on your journey. And glad you got to Laguna Seca before dark!

  10. What a gift you are sharing with those of us who are blessed to have the opportunity to “come along” with you. I am transposing the “walk” to my journey in life. It helps to give me the separation I need from ever recurring events in my life.It is amazing how technology can be a support rather than a separation

  11. Sounds like you’re in the flow of Grace, my dear friend! From there all things are possible. xx

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