My friend Terry was expecting me for some six weeks before I got here, waiting patiently until I  finally made it to Lockwood by bicycle. I had asked her if I could stay with her or camp on her property before I left Carmel for the first time. She graciously agreed. She’s moving, eventually, and I suggested that I could perhaps help her out somehow. (I try to be helpful wherever I stay.) She has lived on these five acres for about twenty years, and she and her foster mother, Jeanne, as well as other family members, have accumulated a lot of stuff.

Terry’s biological mother died of cancer when Terry was five years old and her father was an alcoholic. She and her brother became wards of the court and by the time she was fifteen Terry had spent varying amounts of time in no less than thirteen different households. Some of these she has no memory of. The best home of all was that of her foster mother Jeanne who Terry cared for full time the last few years of Jeanne’s  life until her death at 94 in 2012.

Coincidentally (or on Divine Purpose) I arrived at Terry’s place on Mothers’ Day and that evening she told me all about her Mom, and how she had welcomed Terry home to stay when her life seemed to be at a dead end. Terry will never forget that; Jeanne was the only person who had ever loved her unconditionally. Jeanne and her husband fostered approximately one hundred young people over the course of their career as foster parents and it was Terry who had the privilege of being her primary caretaker at the end of Jeanne’s life. One thing  Jeanne always told Terry was to never vote for a political candidate who maligns his or her opponent.

Lockwood is a country kind of place where neighbors look out for one another. Terry does odd jobs for her neighbors and they help or pay her in return. She’s without a functioning car right now so friends and neighbors give her rides to the store, to church and to other places and events. One neighbor picks up her trash since garbage service is expensive.

She has been finding homes for some of her stuff with friends and neighbors, such as this dog kennel that her dog Moo never liked anyway.

I was amazed by her friends’ determination and confidence in getting this long kennel into the back of their pick-up truck. They surely did it, and got it home in one piece, too. It will come in handy in the management of their many dogs, sheep, chickens and other animals.

Yesterday I rode my bike from Terry’s place to Hesperia Hall, a redwood grange-type hall that was built in 1894 as the Shiloh Baptist Church. It’s eleven miles from Lockwood and is situated just off the Bryson-Hesperia Road.

Most of the journey from Lockwood is along Interlake Road, or Monterey County Road G-14, which crosses the San Antonio River (the same river I mentioned in my last post.) At this crossing the scenery is especially beautiful,

and it was lovely the whole way there, with hardly a house in sight the whole eleven miles.

Hesperia Hall

has become a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing educational activities for its surrounding community. It has a yearly scholarship drive for young people to attend college or vocational school, and local quilters make a beautiful, hand-stitched quilt each year to auction off for that purpose. Take a look at this year’s quilt here, and consider getting some raffle tickets, as I happily did:

On the afternoon of my visit I had the good fortune of meeting the quilters

and the director of the scholarship drive, Ed Buntz. He gave me a tour and a brief history of the hall. They have annual festivals, potlucks, and a quilt show; all these activities are listed on their web site. They were very friendly and I will definitely return someday to learn more about this historic and friendly place in the back country of South County.

Today I ride  on to Lake San Antonio, also in South County. I will take the same Interlake Road I took to Hesperia Hall on Wednesday, but this time I will not turn on the Bryson-Hesperia Road

but will continue on toward the lakes. Both lakes are open after years of being closed due to lack of water! I’ve never been to these lakes in all my many years of living in Monterey County; I’m looking forward to seeing them. Stay tuned for more about these lakes and the next mission, San Miguel Arcángel.


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  1. Interesting about Hesperia Hall and it’s mission. The boondocks can be quite amazing, I’ve always found. I see on their website that my friend Kelly Morgantini is visiting there to talk about legal aid for seniors. She is quite an angel here on earth.

  2. So many wonderful people everywhere. ?

  3. So glad you spent time with Terry & the timing, of course divine.
    I haven’t been to Lake San Antonio in decades & am looking forward to your photos!
    Wishing you joy & safety always Jody. In touch with love, Teresa

    1. Thank you Teresa! Photos are forthcoming. ?

  4. Beautiful post, Jody. And your sharing of your time with Terry, some of Terry’s story, and the helpful, loving spirit in the community. And beautiful country to be riding through!

    1. It is all very rich, I must say. And available to anyone willing to step, or ride, out in faith.

  5. Another wonderful write up of your most original journey, a melting pot of history, culture, friends, and scenery. Thanks for including us on your roaming..

    1. It’s my pleasure! Writing this blog makes me feel connected to my friends and family and not so alone though really I know I am not alone. Love to you and Frank, Dea! ♥️

  6. This is great. So glad you are doing this.

    1. Thanks Marcia! I hope all is well with you. ?

  7. Wow Jody! Amazing! Your hitting a new stride. Beautiful.

    1. I feel your love and support, Susan. Thank you! ♥️???

  8. Hi Jody,
    How great that you got to spend time with Terry. I’m sure it meant a lot to her that you made it all the way down to Lockwood! Keep on truckin’– woman! xoxo Alice

  9. Hi Jody I am Bob’s brother John. We are back in Santa Rosa. I wish you a safe and enlightening journey.

    1. Thank you John! Enlightening it is! I wish the same for you and Bob. ?

  10. Hi Jody,
    I loved reading your blog about your time in the Lockwood/San Antonio/Bryson-Hesperia area. Your writings about Terry and her mother Jeanne were especially kind and loving. Thank you for so graciously visiting our area, meeting, and people. I very much appreciate your intentions, energy, and gentle spirit!!!
    Safe and blessed journey,

    1. It was my pleasure, Jenine! I am very grateful to have been able to spend some days there. It’s a unique and beautiful area and I am intrigued by it. I wish you and your family well. Until we meet again!

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