A New Day, A New Year

I have been settling into my new home in Monterey, California, for just over three months now. I am writing this post from the relative comfort of my own desk, in my own room, and on my own computer. Nearly all of this blog has been written on a smart phone, so having a real keyboard feels absolutely luxurious!

Looking up, I can see Mount Toro from my bedroom window, and the branches of the lemon and fig trees, as well as those of a magnificent California Live Oak tree, frame my view. My desk faces east, as does my house mate’s upstairs sitting room; Gina and I often sit together in meditation at dawn, watching with one eye the beautiful sunrise as it slowly illuminates and colors the sky, the hills creating a jet black silhouette against the advancing light. It looks like a beautiful painting that is constantly changing; now gray, then varying hues of yellow, orange, pink, or red, and finally the brilliant light of the sun peeks above the hills and blinds us, if we dare open our eyes to look. Seldom do clouds obscure the horizon, as the rainy season has been very dry thus far.

My pilgrimage did not end when I returned here. I am still on it. The journey continues to unfold, one day at a time. Today is a new day and a new year and as such it has a special significance, or does it? Is not every day a special day, and wonderfully¬†important? How can I best be a channel of peace, truth, justice and love, today? How can I bring beauty into this world, rather than ugliness? How can I be a force for good, rather than its opposite? These are the questions I am asking myself this new year’s day, and everyday.

I want to continue to write posts to this blog. I miss the writing process and your comments. Writing helps me to understand my own thinking and I would love to hear some of your thinking, also. Thinking is overrated, yes, and I do try to stop thinking sometimes. But think I will, and I am curious to see if writing down my thoughts will be of any good use.

I’m not sure how I will organize these upcoming posts. I used the counties of California while traveling, and then the states I visited. Since I am no longer moving in one direction only, I’ll have to find another way to punctuate and give meaning to my musings. Shall I use time, if not place? Or different subjects? Trouble is I may not know what I’m going to write about until I do it.

More will be revealed.